Part of Motorcycle Engine

Scanning shiny metallic parts can be quite challenging. Scan hard to scan surfaces (dark, reflective, or metal parts) first by spraying the part with temporary developer's spray. It can be easily wipe off once scanning is complete without damaging the part.

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Action Figure

The Polyga 3D scanners use industrial machine vision cameras to pick up fine details of parts, including textures.

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Automotive Body

The Polyga 3D scanners can scan large parts for:
1) reverse engineering (Scan-to-CAD)
2) quality inspection applications

  1. Take an existing part and scan it with the 3D scanner. Then use the scan data as a reference for designing a CAD model.
  2. Scan the manufactured part and compare it with CAD model to see if it meets quality standards.
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Polyga H3

Polyga Carbon X

Polyga S1

Polyga S1 Wide

Polyga S5 Macro

Polyga L6

Polyga V1