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Polyga PointKit Scan: Elevate Your 3D Scanning Experience

PointKit Scan is a powerful and easy-to-use Windows application to capture and transform 3D scan data from 3D scanners. Point cloud processing and 3D mesh alignment for any 3D capture device.

Edit and analyze 3D scan data from

  • Desktop 3D Scanner
  • Handheld 3D Scanner
  • 3D Camera
  • Photogrammetry
Polyga PointKit Scan app's UI-UX screenshot showcasing mechanical part 3D model

PointKit Scan’s Features For Hassle-Free Results

Simplify complex scanning tasks with a flexible 3D scanner application. Built-in presets give you professional results in a few clicks and provide tools for manual adjustments.

  • Tackle hard alignment problems with advanced alignment tools.
  • Effortlessly manipulate massive point clouds with mesh optimization software.
  • Calculate the deviation between two meshes – 3D scan data manipulation within a simple UI.
  • Automate your workflow with 3D scan post processing software.
  • 3D noise reduction, remove outliers and spikes. Smooth and decimate the number of triangles.
Green gem technical item
  • Group, merge, and create clean, watertight 3D scans.
  • Create geometric primitives to make measurements of your 3D scan data.
  • Re-orient your scan data so that it’s ready to use for CAD-CAM integration.
  • Direct Scanner Control with Polyga Hardware. New integrations are coming soon.
  • Import / Export File Formats: PLY, STL, OBJ, E57, LAS, ASC, CSV, PTS, PBN, PLG, 3D3.

Streamlined 3D Scanning Process Reinvented

PointKit Scan flattens the learning curve for all users, no matter how technical they are. Polyga has 10+ years of experience capturing 3D scan data, and we’ve incorporated our expertise into an intuitive workflow for you.

The PointKit Scan interface icon showing 3D scanning and alignment processFocused on scanning & alignment.
The PointKit Scan interface icon showing the UI-UX dashboardDistraction-free dashboard – only the tools needed to complete the job.
The PointKit Scan interface icon describing accuracy and scan detailsPreserve scan details and accuracy.
The PointKit Scan interface icon describing data cleanupTackle hard cleanup problems (noisy/incomplete data, distortions).
The PointKit Scan interface icon describing direct 3D scanner controlPlug-and-play solution offering direct 3D scanner control.


Import & Align

Quickly import and align scans.

Fast Editing

Eliminate unnecessary data with ease.

Inspect Data

Utilize mesh comparison tools to analyze critical tolerances.

Connect & Scan

Detect and connect your devices with a click of a button and start scanning in seconds.

Real Time Alignment

Faster data alignment for real time data analysis.


Reverse Engineering

Aid the Export in to CAD in to SW and Fusion360.

The reverse engineered helmet and 3D scan aligned and processed in PointKit Scan app


Easily inspect critical regions.

The 3D measurement of the teeth in PointKit Scan app for metrology application

Cultural Preservation

Digitally back up real-life objects while preserving every detail.

The 3D scan of the millennium Falcon aligned and processed in PointKit Scan app

Download PointKit Scan App



This version lets you explore the product's look and feel and understand its capabilities while being limited in features.

  • Scan
  • Basic alignment
  • Finalization
  • Basic post-processing tools
  • Export common file types

Need to Know More?

Please submit the contact form, and we will guide you through PointKit Scan. From simple inquiries to advanced applications, onboarding has never been easier!

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